Rachel Reading

Contemporary Australian artist highlighting the beauty of sea life and the flora of Australia’s coast. Her intricate and incredibly detailed works are carefully planned, with the detailed result takes months to achieve. The charcoal works are treated with the finest lacquering process which not only protects and preserves the image on the wood panel but also adds a luxurious sheen finish.

Every artwork by Rachel is presented in a contemporary oak trim frame along with a handmade custom slip-case. Rachel has carefully crafted each slip-case by hand with a suede-like fabric and leather tie, meaning they are perfect for safe storage, safe transit, and as a luxury gift.

“ I create timeless charcoal on timber artworks, mainly influenced by our stunning Australian coastline. These charcoal pieces take weeks and months to compose. They will catch your eye from afar & up close up, leave you mesmerised with all the fine detail.” Rachel Reading

  • Rachel Reading

    Fish & Lemons

    AUD $2,950
  • Rachel Reading

    Line them Up

    AUD $3,100
  • Rachel Reading

    Have You Caught One?

    AUD $3,950
  • Rachel Reading

    Blue Swimmer Scuttle

    AUD $1,490
    or 4 payments of $372.50 with