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Willebrant And The Art Life

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  • 29/05/2016

KAB Gallery proudly represents James Willebrant. I was reading a recent article by Lee Suckling about James Willebrant’s life, career and influences on Willebrant’s art works. I was so engaged learning about his colourful life spent living in Shanghai during the 1950’s to then his teenage years on the North Shore of Sydney, followed by a creative studio residence in Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains (NSW). After reading the article, I wanted to share a few of the key points I found particularly interesting about this great artist. 




James pictured followed by ‘Regarding the Arrival’ (Mixed Media on Canvas) $6,500

“I learned Dutch, and quickly learned Bahasa Malay, as well as English. Then I spent all of my time painting and drawing; I was doing it everyday. That’s how I discovered my love for art” – Willebrant in Harbourview Magazine, ‘Rapid RV’ Article

Willebrant speaks of the influence of music on his art and the influence it has on him in the studio and the guidance the pop and pop art movements bought him; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Warhol and Martin Sharp just to name a few. 

After the buzzing city lifestyle and James’ love for everything art deco, federation and Californian bungalow style, he and his wife, Ida Halliday moved to the tranquil Blue Mountains to continue his artistic career from new surroundings which was still in keeping with the pavilion style he loves.

James Willebrant in his studio (2015) Photograph by Kerry Blanket
James Willebrant in his studio (2015)
Photograph by Kerry Blanket


After finishing his 60th one-man show in 2015, James has taken some well deserved time off. While he continues to create, he has not scheduled his next solo show this year. James regularly exhibits his latest work as well as significant collector paintings at KAB Gallery.  KAB Gallery also holds a number of his collector lithographs and screenprints both framed and unframed. These pieces are collector vintage and mostly unavailable apart from the few in the KAB collection. Please see link below for the full range of his artworks.

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James Willebrant My Favourite Ocean Baths Acrylic on Canvas (94x120cm) $11,000
James Willebrant
My Favourite Ocean Baths
Acrylic on Canvas (94x120cm)