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Gillie & Marc Scupltures

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  • Josephine Smith
  • 30/12/2014

What started out as a social experiment of bringing art to the public, quickly turned into a case of “where’s Wally?’ as sculptures went missing from the streets of Sydney. The idea of the instillation artworks was to see if the people of Sydney truly appreciated contemporary sculptural art and as it turned out they did, a little too much!

Redleaf Pool - Double Bay Lost Dog.00_jpg_srz
One of the Lost Dogs at Double Bay, Redleaf Pool

Gillie and Marc have been working collaboratively for over 20 years and in that time have exhibited both internationally and nationally. The concept of the human/dog hybrid is to celebrate the powerful spiritual relationship that exists between man and animal. Through working collaboratively, Gillie and Marc have created works that reflect their love for each other. Whist these quirky brass sculptures are doing normal day to day things there is a reference to their own love story and their pursuit of happiness.

Each work is individually planned but collaboratively made. With long titles to express the emotions of each sculpture, Gillie and Marc tug on your heart strings with warm felt memories of love and happiness. 

Collaborative Art: Gillie & Marc Painting in their Studio
Collaborative Art: Gillie & Marc painting in their studio


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