Where You’d Rather Be… An Endless Summer

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  • By: Marielle
  • Wednesday 13th March 2019

On the 1st of March we had to say goodbye to the Australian summer and the end of our popular Contemporary Collectables exhibition. Here at KAB Gallery, we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the sunny warmth and carefree whim of our favorite season, so we are extending the warmth at KAB Gallery with our March exhibition, An Endless Summer.

The walls of KAB gallery have been filled with an eclectic and vibrant mix of Australian-based artists that capture sun soaked memories that bleed out the warmth of the sun between their strokes. As a celebration of the summer that was, we have hand-picked artworks from Australian-based artists that are reminders of some of Australia’s favorite summer past times. So as the leaves of autumn darken your doorstep, you can be transported to somewhere you’d rather be…

The Beach… 

Sally West
Fresh NNE – Beach Bondi (12.4.18) – Plein Air
Oil on Canvas (90x120cm)

Summer and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly (or cheese & Vegemite in Australia). It is an indisputable combination that Australian artist, Sally West, captures in a thick texture that is reminiscent of the creamy soft serve that completes every summer beach day.  Painted en plein air (on location) the gorgeous Fresh NNE – Beach Bondi (12.4.18) – Plein Air captures the beauty of the perfect beach day at Bondi Beach, Sydney in a true authentic style. 

You can almost feel the sea breeze wafting over you as you look at this iconic beach scene complete with the red & yellow flags of Australia’s surf life savers.  The bright rays of a summers day glow out from within this light and joyful piece, infecting the surrounding space with an endless summer spirit. 

The Family BBQ… 

Hugo Mathias
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 30x21cm

In the opinion of my father and many other Aussies, nothing can cool you down better than an ice cold beer on a hot summers day. Hugo Mathias’s unique take on arguably one of Australia’s most famous beers, Victoria Bitter, is a reminder of esky’s full of cold drinks and sausages sizzling at every summer family BBQ. 

If you lean in and look closely at Bitter you can almost hear the crisp pop and fizz of a VB beer can being opened over the soundtrack of cricket on the TV and the squeals of kids playing in the pool. The fun and quirky painting is reminiscent of the carefree celebration of family, friends and life at the family BBQ. 


The Road Trip… 

Carly Le Cerf
Australia’s Intimate Patterns – II
Encaustic and Oil on Board (45x45cm)

Summer holidays were made for the beach, for friends & family and of course, for road trips! The joy of heading off on an adventure into the unknown can’t be beaten and Carly Le Cerf’s Australia’s Intimate Patterns – II shows the many roads there are to explore in the great and vast Australian Outback.

 Australia’s Intimate Patterns – II can help you break free from the monotony of another day in the cold bleak city and on an adventure through the blood lines in the heart of Australia. It’s an experience full of vivid red dirt, the buzzing of flies and the breath-taking, awe-inspiring vast beauty of a landscape that seems like another alien world.


 No matter where you are, KAB Gallery can help take you to somewhere you’d rather be in our current exhibition An Endless Summer. The beach, the family BBQ and the road trip are only some of the places our original art can take you…. Come and get lost in an endless summer and enjoy the warmth, the waves and the amazing art at KAB Gallery Terrigal today!

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Marielle is undertaking tertiary education in fine art & design. She is both an artist and designer which makes her the perfect person to seek detailed knowledge on all mediums. Her formal training in art and spatial design allows her to help clients curate collections of art that are interesting and unique.

“The right piece of artwork can not only make a space look great but feel great! Artworks are an important emotive piece that can transform the mood of any room.”

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