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Sally West; Natives on a Wednesday

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  • Marielle
  • 30/09/2018

Sally West’s paintings literally ooze with rich oil paints to create amazing one-of-a-kind artworks that depict some of Australia’s most beautiful scenes.  All of Sally’s landscape scenes are painted in plein air.  From the hot sun-drenched beaches of NSW to the snow covered slopes of Victoria, Sally braces the elements in an attempt to translate the unique beauty of the Australian landscape. However, when Sally can’t compete with mother nature’s unpredictable weather, she retreats to her studio and turns her hand to another beautiful Australian scene, the unique native flora. 


Sally West
Natives on a Wednesday
Oil on Canvas 90x120cm
AUD $5500


Natives on a Wednesday is a stunning original oil painting that veers away from Sally’s usual soft, dreamy and light color palette whilst retaining her signature texture. The piece features an arrangement of native flowers that leap off the canvas in vivid color against the dark depth of the background. Each purposeful stroke collates together to create the unmistakable shape and from of some of Australia’s most well known flowers, including, the rich red of the Banksia & the soft pink of the Protea. The green leaves that fall in between the breathtaking inflorescences soften the piece.


Sally West arranged the flowers in her studio against a black background to create an open & organic composition.


Like all of Sally’s work, Natives on a Wednesday, portrays the real-life beauty of nature in a painted form. This particular painting came from the glorious arrangement of native flowers, placed modestly in a white bucket in Sally’s studio.  As seen in the photo above, the arrangement reaches out from the left corner to the top far right. Sally echoes the way these flowers fall perfectly in the painting Natives on a Wednesday, which creates an inviting and warm composition. 

Perfect for a light, bright and modern interior, Natives on a Wednesday‘s dark and moody background makes this piece an interior designers dream. The deep greys, blues and black swirled in the background are unusual in Sally’s work, however they lift this piece to a new level, to create a warmth and comfort that can be injected into any space. 

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