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Exploring Intersections in Paint – Contempo artist Sam Askin

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  • 17/11/2023

At KAB Gallery Terrigal we’re thrilled to kick off our latest installment of the bi-annual Contempo exhibition with the works of Sam Askin, a rising star in the Australian contemporary art scene. “I am really enjoying my most recent works,” says Sam. “My current series of works in this exhibition explore two key intersections: the intersection between sky and sea, and the intersection between nature and human influence.”

Sam’s art beautifully captures the fluid interaction between the sky and sea, offering dreamy seascapes evoking a sense of wonder. As a modern impressionist, he finds solace in the vast array of interpretations and the space impressionist seascapes provide for creativity. “I love the freedom of expression when painting sky and seascapes. There is so much interpretation and space for expression without fear of technical failure which doesn’t reflect nature, it’s very freeing as an artist.”


Sam Askin
Horseshoe Bay Catamarans
Oil on Canvas 41x31cm


His exploration extends beyond the beauty of nature, delving into the dynamic relationship between the environment and human impact. “For the latter, my curiosity drives this exploration; it is hard to imagine nature without human influence anymore, and landscapes without a human presence feel ‘staged’ to me.”

When asked about his preferred medium, Sam’s passion for oils shines through: “Oils. They take days to dry, and ae so workable for so long. I layer, texture, and thin my paints in an order that allows them to be mixed on canvas exactly how I desire.” This meticulous process allows for a unique viewing experience where the art comes alive from a distance, yet reveals pure expressions of color up close. Sam also confesses a love for charcoal and soft pastels, although humorously noting, “But with my style… Oh my god the dust!”

In the span of just one year, Sam Askin has achieved remarkable milestones in his career – engaging with multiple galleries for exhibitions, earning finalist status in the prestigious Lethbridge Landscape Prize, and successfully exhibiting and selling in various gallery exhibitions. His artistic journey is one marked by passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. We are honored to showcase Sam’s talents as the first artist for our Contempo series this November, and we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world he has so beautifully crafted on canvas.

Askin’s Studio with Waterfront Queenslander on the easel