Over a decade of Art: Est. 2013

Penelope Oates

Popiltah Lake

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MEDIUM: Mixed Media on Board
SIZE: 62cm diameter view in inches 24x0inches view in cm

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Penelope Oates’ inspiration is drawn from her experiences and memory. She references changing colours and textures of landscapes and has a strong connection to the works of 19th Century metaphysical poet Keats whose poetry expresses the notion of being able to transcend our negative experiences of the world by contemplating on a thing of beauty. “This is what motivates me as an artist to hopefully produce works that connect with the audience.” she says.

“I see the landscape as the most dramatic form of theatre there is and in terms of my compositions they have subconsciously ended up reflecting this sense of drama with my landscapes being presented to the viewer as though through the conventions of a proscenium arch stage, centre stage.”

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