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  • By: Mellissa Read-Devine
  • Sunday 10th December 2017

“Australian artist Mellissa Read-Devine is working at the easel in her studio on new art for KAB Gallery – take a look at what she has to say about her painting process” 

I would say I’m about halfway into the painting, I have stopped splashing paint about at this stage and have become more careful about where I put the paint.

It’s an abundance of flowers to make the heart happy
92 x 122 cm on canvas

Although starting a painting is my most favourite stage (the best time to be free and expressive), I quite enjoy the meditative tidying up – patient daubs of paint that appear to be dancing or drifting across the canvas. Of course this is a dangerous time too – trying not to get too immersed in details that I don’t notice how it is affecting the rest of the image!

When I think the painting is “nearly finished” it will be time to let it sit in the studio for a few days while I look at it from time to time. I take notes, I glance at it from across the room; I’ll even wander to the studio, stand in the doorway looking in, and leave again.

A dozen more brushstrokes and I will be done with it. I’ll sign it straight away so I don’t chicken out. A matte varnish first to protect and even out the colour and I will photograph the work. Then a finishing coat of gloss varnish.

Pictured is my working palette , a big sheet of Perspex that is never entirely clean.

Framing is optional, depending on the image and size of the work. 

Looking forward to seeing this finished and delivered to the lovely people at KAB Gallery, Terrigal in the next week or so.


Mellissa Read-Devine with more new work at KAB Gallery


Mellissa Read-Devine, Artist
About the author

Mellissa Read-Devine


Mellissa was born in England and as a child emigrated to Australia with her family. She is known for her skilled printmaking technique and vibrant painting style. 

Her studio is set in a rural location overlooking the Hawkesbury River (NSW) and is inspiration for her paintings. For the past fifteen years she has continuously studied and practised painting and printmaking honing her art to perfection. Her impressionism style of work has been the recipient of many Australian prizes. Mellissa’s style is distinctive with her eclectic palette and layered application of brush strokes. These characteristics come together presenting unique representations admired by both Australian and international collectors alike. 

KAB Gallery is currently exhibiting four unique works by Melissa Read-Devine. Contact the gallery on 1300 78 7773 for email [email protected] for more information about her.