John Earle


John Earle has been painting realistic landscapes throughout his career. He is a Newcastle local having lived there all of his life, apart from a few years in Sydney, Norah Head and trips interstate and overseas. His painting style is known as photorealism or hyper-real and his exquisitely detailed paintings are often mistaken for photographs. Recently, Earle’s style has shifted towards abstraction. He is currently developing a new series of impressionist landscapes. He uses a grid technique that echos pixelated art of early 1980s computer software. 

John Earle is one of Australia’s most renowned landscape painters. He has been awarded the prestigious Elioth Gruner Prize for Landscape in 1980, has been a finalist in the Wynne Prize six times (1981, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992 & 1994) and travelled extensively for art residencies, research and commissions. 

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