Celebrating 10 years: Est. 2013

Bev McGarn

Bev McGarn, an accomplished Australian ceramicist, passionately engages in her artistic endeavors driven purely by her love for creation. Working within her sun-kissed studio on the vibrant east coast of NSW, she dedicates herself to the daily pursuit of her ceramic art. Through relentless exploration, Bev fearlessly experiments with diverse types of clay, firing techniques, and has successfully formulated her own distinctive array of homemade glazes. Certain pieces in her repertoire demand several months of meticulous work and contemplation before reaching completion. At each progressive stage of the creative process, the form of her creations undergoes an organic transformation, imbuing them with added depth and uniqueness. Despite her fastidious documentation of each step and recipe, the replication of her style or finish becomes an arduous task due to the individuality ingrained in every distinct piece, with its own distinctive process and inherent clay “DNA”.

As an artist, Bev tirelessly delves into the realm of homemade glazes created with locally sourced earth, shells, rust, ash etc, subjecting each piece to multiple firings. A profound sense of connection ensues with certain creations, ultimately gratifying when they eventually find a cherished home.

  • Bev McGarn


  • Bev McGarn

    Earthen Lace

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