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Sally West’s Terrigal Painting

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 05/03/2015

Sally West is famous for her approach to the tradition of en plein air painting. She works quickly within the elements to create exciting visual documentations of the landscape. Her works are textured with the application of thick lashes of oil paint and distinguished by her selection of subtle muted tones. 

Her visit to Terrigal late last year to paint en plein air on the beach was a great success. The overcast weather was described by Sally as “the ultimate conditions” and set the perfect scene for one of her most beautiful artwork creations. 

Sally West's set up at Terrigal Beach
Sally West’s set up at Terrigal Beach


Sally West's Palette Her colours are carefully mixed and softened with light tones
Sally West’s Palette
Each hue has various tones

Sally began to paint early in the day and continued through the afternoon until the work was complete. The artwork was destined to dry and be showcased at KAB Gallery the following day so it was more important than ever for Sally to complete the work before the day end. 

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Sally West Painting at Terrigal Beach
Sally West Painting at Terrigal Beach


Sally West's Signature Style Thick lashes of paint
Sally West’s Signature Style
Thick lashes of paint

As soon as the artwork was completed the KAB Gallery team carried the artwork to the gallery and had it displayed within the hour. The paint was applied so heavily that it is expected that artwork will not be completely dry for years. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks for a “skin” of dry paint to develop on the surface of the painting allowing it to be considered “touch-dry” and suitable for transportation.  

Sally West discussing her Terrigal en plein air painting at KAB Gallery
Sally West talking about her Terrigal en plein air painting at KAB Gallery


"Terrigal Haven - En Plein Air" by Sally West OIl on Canvas (85x170cm)
“Terrigal Haven – En Plein Air” by Sally West
OIl on Canvas (85x170cm)

Within just a few weeks the painting was SOLD and carefully transported to it’s new home. The lovely new owners of the artwork were not present on the day it was created but instantly fell in love with the artwork when they saw it at KAB Gallery. They are enjoying the painting on their wall everyday and are able to creatively look back at their time spent at Terrigal. 

Sally West "Terrigal - En Plein Air" Photo of the artwork in its new home Sent from the proud new owners
Sally West “Terrigal Haven – En Plein Air”
Photo of the artwork in its new home
taken by the proud new owners

We look forward to Sally’s next visit to Terrigal to paint and we hope you can join us to see her in action. Subscribe to the KAB Gallery newsletter and we will let you know when the date is confirmed. 



Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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