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Rosa Judi Dench at KAB Gallery Terrigal

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 18/11/2023

Belinda Biggs, the Australian watercolor virtuoso, brings to life the timeless elegance of the Dame Judi Dench Rosa in her latest watercolour painting to arrive at KAB Gallery Terrigal. With her delicate handling of the watercolour paint and perfect colour palette, Biggs intricately captures the essence of this exquisite rose.


Rosa Judi Dench watercolour by Belinda Biggs


The blooms of this flower have a unique shade of apricot-orange which gently fades towards the edges, creating a captivating play of hues. They are beautiful at every stage of their blooming. As the light-tipped buds unfurl they reveal large rosettes which open to show ruffled petals and a button eye.

Beyond the beauty of the rose itself, the Dame Judi Dench Rosa symbolises nature’s resilience. Biggs skillfully depicts the rose in all its glory with the added detail of water droplets. Perhaps a subtle nod to its resistance to rain damage?

In real life, the blooms are said to have a light-medium tea scent. Biggs artwork invites us to look and immerse ourselves in the beauty of this rose, almost being able to smell that tea scent.

Named in honour of one of Britain’s most beloved stars of stage and screen, the Dame Judi Dench Rosa takes center stage in Belinda Biggs’ work, becoming more than a botanical painting. This work is a visual celebration of the rose’s beauty, resilience, and the watercolour medium. In Biggs’ hands, the translucent paint brings the flower to life, inviting us to appreciate the intricacies of a rose that echoes the grace and timelessness of Dame Judi Dench herself.

View this painting in person at KAB Gallery Terrigal, located on the beachfront under Crowne Plaza Terrigal. It certainly is a piece to admire and love!

Rosa Dame Judi Dench


Belinda Biggs stands with her painting of Rosa Judi Dench here at our Terrigal art gallery.
Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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