KAB Gallery Special Exhibition:
Sally West - Snow Series

Following on from the international acclaim of her now-famous Beach Series, after months of planning and research Sally West ventured into Australia’s Mt Hotham snowfields to create the first en plein air paintings (out in the open) for the Snow Series. Paintings from this series are available exclusively from KAB Gallery.

“I have painted in extreme heat and in cold rural locations but this is probably the most challenging location I have painted at so far” says Sally West.

While never knowing how each series will organically develop, Sally hopes to find an impressive aerial perspective of the ski fields to create a frozen version of her much loved Beach Series. Brightly coloured ski suits will contrast with the crisp white snow, creating an amazing vista for the viewer to enjoy. Back in her studio Sally will also paint artworks inspired by her snow field painting sessions, complementing the impressive en plein air works.

Sally West has recently fulfilled one of her life-long dreams by visiting Japan to ski. This visit has inspired a set of works within the snow series, which she has fondly titled “Japow”. The set consisted of 6 studio studies created as soon as she returned, referring to both memory and personal photographs.

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