Mellissa Read-Devine: Bloomin’ Beautiful!

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  • By: Marielle
  • Friday 11th May 2018


Mellissa Read-Devine’s floral studies are full of vibrancy, joy & life. Poppies Study and Roses Study look great alone, but together they create a well-balanced pair that would create a striking impact in any space! Look a little closer in this blog post and see how these gorgeous paintings highlight Mellissa’s expertise in color & composition. 


Mellissa Read-Devine
Poppies Study
Acrylic on Wood, 30x30cm


From afar, Poppies Study encapsulate the color of a beautiful morning sunrise. Well placed strokes from Mellissa’s flat brush of warm yellow, tangerine, orange & pink form a bunch of freshly-picked poppies. The flowers are contrasted by a fresh splash of cool aqua in the background and the deep blue vase in which they are held. Together the colors meld together to create a perfectly balanced color composition. However, the beauty of this painting doesn’t stop there! When you look a little closer you can see Mellissa’s signature unexpected pop of bright color! Dabs of green, red and orange litter the painting like confetti. These unexpected dashes of color add a youthful vibrancy that would lift the mood of any room.


Mellissa Read-Devine
Roses Study
Acrylic on Wood, 30x30cm
AUD $425

In the other half of this amazing pair, you can see Mellissa’s natural instinct for color. In Roses Study, the yellow and deep pink roses framed in deep green foliage stand out against the light green background. Just like in Poppies Study, the beauty of this painting does not end there! When you look a little closer at Mellissa’s Roses Study, you can see the bright electrifying strokes of rich red, warm yellow and dark green. The leaves are mottled with many shades of green and among the layers is even a burst of turquoise! 

To compliment these dynamic paintings, Mellissa chose elegant matching beech wood frames that gives a polished edge to this pair of spirited paintings. Now you have had a closer look, I’m sure you can understand why it is no surprise that whenever anyone sees this pair of gorgeous paintings they think they are ‘bloomin’ beautiful!’

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