Celebrating 10 years: Est. 2013

Katerina Apale

A contemporary artist creatively inspired from childhood by her mother, an artist in Riga. Katerina was formerly art trained in Latvia, completing her degree in 2008 followed by postgraduate studies in Berlin achieving a Masters in Fine Arts. A full-time artist emersed daily within her art practice in her Australian studio. 

Australia provides much inspiration and is often the basis of her palette. “My move to Australia in 2014 marked a new beginning in my career as an artist. The extraordinary beauty of the unique Australian native flora and fauna was a new and overwhelming sensory experience. It inspired me to immerse myself into the study of the interplay of light with the fluid shapes of birds, flowers and the ornamental patterns they created. I use oil and acrylic paints to try and capture the joyous and unique richness of colour of the Australian nature.”

All of her paintings are saturated with colour and unique details. We welcome you to visit the gallery and see them in person. 


Commissions are welcome via KAB Gallery. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. 


  • Katerina Apale

    A Sacred Place – Iris in Bloom

    AUD $4,500
  • Katerina Apale

    Summer Vibes

    AUD $4,370
  • Katerina Apale

    Still Life with Proteas and Lorikeets

    AUD $5,100