Katie Frank


Katie Frank is an Australian abstract artist popular for vivid use of colour and delicate textures. Her works are bright and colour focused. The paintings are textural and her contrived tonal blending is engaging. Each new series is created using a limited but carefully selected palette bringing together an interesting tonal effect. 

Katie was formally trained in realism but is primarily an abstract painter. She explains “I enjoy the way my abstract paintings can set the mood for an interior. I always enjoy painting and feel happiest in front of the easel, but I particularly love the way my joy stays within the artwork and can transform the energy of a room.”  

KAB Gallery proudly represents Katie Frank and regularly exhibits her art. Katie Frank’s most recent abstract series is titled “Cerulean Depths”. All works are framed and ready for your space.

Commissions are welcome – contact the gallery directly ph: 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected]