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Sally West is Creating Something Very Cool

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  • 13/07/2017


Sally West is a dedicated “en plein air” painter and her newest painting challenge is very cool – in fact it’s freezing!

The Snow Series is in early stages but Sally West has begun work and we have the first set of sneak preview images available to show you. 

Sally West never knows where a series will go. It’s an organic process but for this new series of snow paintings she plans to look for the best aerial perspective of the ski fields to create a frozen version of the Beach Series. “The Beach Series is so close to my heart and I never tire of painting the ocean view. This is such a visual change and I have so many feelings about it – from nerves to excitement. I’m going to see where it takes me” says Sally West. 

“The contrast of the bright ski clothes and ski gear against the fresh white snow” 


After months of research and planning, Sally West has recently taken to the slopes to capture the ski season in oil paint. She travelled interstate to Mt Hotham in Victoria (AU). “I have painted in extreme heat and in cold rural locations but this is probably the most challenging location I have painted at so far” says Sally West. The snow raises several hurdles for even the most experienced en plein air artist; extreme cold temperatures, strong winds, transporting equipment, finding safe but good vantage points etc. Sally West has been working towards this en plein air painting trip for months. 


Every detail has been deliberated on including how she can keep her fingers warm but malleable. “I have been asking many other plein air painters for kind tips and I even started researching clothing worn by boat engineers and technicians on Antarctic voyages” she explained. When asked what some of the best tips received were she explained that one artist told her to use a good rubber mat under feet to keep them out of the ice. 


Sally West’s preferred palette is muted so it seems natural for her to look to the snowy landscape. The composition will be drawn from the skiers trails and the flecks of brightly coloured ski suits and gear. An exciting and fresh landscape to conquer – The KAB Team is waiting with bated breath to see the works on the gallery walls soon! 



Sally West is planning to return to the snowfields in a few weeks to paint again. This time there will be additional canvases and a clearer strategy in mind. From this recent trip there are 4 initial studies (approx. 45x45cm) and one larger work (approx. 90x120cm) coming available to KAB Gallery. These are very important works to both Sally West and the development of the Snow Series. They are the very first works of it’s kind and sure to be sought after by art collectors. Contact KAB Gallery now to register your expression of interest now [email protected] 



KERRY-ANNE BLANKET, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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