Andrew Baines

Strata Title Marriage

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MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 60x90cm view in inches 24x35inches view in cm

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Original painting by Andrew Baines.

Even the finest marriages must go through tough times, you would think? It’s not normal to be happy with your partner all waking hours. From time to time, you must eventually bump heads over attitudes, power struggles & life in general.  

I have created a series of artworks based on my irrational thoughts at these emotionally provocative times…

My wife and I have cold wars and Mexican stand offs, some lasting days!

Occasionally, my wife sends me a txt stating all the things she doesn’t like about me. I scroll through them, some are correct, some are debatable. I send her a txt regarding what I don’t like about her, she doesn’t read it?

We have had one ongoing argument since we met regarding who is the biggest idiot. This argument has never been resolved as we both refuse to concede.

Even though the above is quite true, my work comes from a humorous perspective. 


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