Kelly-Anne Love

Love – Bi Coloured Clownfish

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MEDIUM: Watercolour and Ink on Paper
SIZE: 15x15cm view in inches 6x6inches view in cm

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An original painting by Australian artist Kelly-Anne Love. 

Framed in a contemporary white frame under glass and ready to hang. Framed Size: (34.5×34.5cm)

Clown Fish travel down to the bottom of the reef to find shelter in an anemone (as pictured in this gorgeous artwork). Once they find one, they form a symbiotic relationship with them, which prevents the fish from being injured by the anemone toxins.


One of Australia’s most remarkable natural features is the Great Barrier Reef, which has inspired Kelly-Anne Love’s new series of paintings. The breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef, comprised of literally thousands of unique reef systems and corals and several hundred tropical sun-soaked islands, is home to an abundance of marine life.

 “Full of colour, coral and sea life, we are truly blessed to have one of the biggest and most diverse reefs in the world. It is home to 1600 different species which means I am never at a loss for creativity.” Kelly-Anne Love

Kelly-Anne’s aim for this series is to draw attention to the beauty of the reef and bring about awareness of the need to protect it. The highly vulnerable Great Barrier Reef is currently at grave risk. Over the past thirty years it has lost half its coral cover, pollution has caused deadly starfish outbreaks, and climate change has produced horrific coral bleaching. Coastal development is also a significant contributor. “That’s why we need to act quickly and fight for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef”.

Part of the special exhibition:

Part of the special exhibition: