KAB Gallery Special Exhibition:
Collectable Contemporary

February 2019 welcomes three contemporary artists to KAB Gallery. Each are unique to the next with amazing contrasts in their style, technique, and subject matter.

Introducing Carly Le Cerf (Feb 1 – 11)
Originally from the UK, Carly Le Cerf moved to Western Australia as a child and now has a deep connection with the land around her. The environment and their seasons are a key inspiration for her art.

Introducing Hugo Mathias (Feb 12 – 18)
Hugo Mathias is a New Zealand visual artist, currently based in Melbourne. He works in oils, acrylics, inks and digitally. He is interested in the subjective narratives we associate with iconic consumer products, while exploring national identities and symbolism to express these ideas in his work.

Introducing Alison Percy (Feb 19 – 28)
Coming from a design background, Alison’s creative body of work is a reflective journey using an intuitive technique of mark making, fluid lines and colour. Her delicate artworks are formed using layers of ink, soft pastel, acrylic and watercolour onto luxury Italian linen. Each artwork is often made up of 7-10 layers, bringing to life delicate representations of the landscape.

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