KAB Gallery Special Exhibition:
Collectable Australian Art Under $500

Great artworks by all your favourite artists are available right here and priced under $500. All hand-selected for you direct from the creators studios!

When looking through this catalogue you will discover that you don’t necessarily need to spend big on expensive works. In fact you can add to your own beautiful original art collection with art by some Australia’s most coveted prize winners for under $500! Now obviously with a lower price tag there may be compromises, but the trick is to balance these compromises with your interior style rather than working against it. For example, if you need maximum size maybe considering looking for a monotone sketch on large paper. Or if you want a luxury oil by a famous artist, you could compromise on size and hang it in a stylishly positioned nook near your entryway for everyone to enjoy as they arrive. What ever your need or ideas, we are sure you will find something in the catalogue for you!

Regardless of your needs, wants and ideas, check out these great pieces of Australian art which I know you could work with and treasure forever. Each of the artworks I have suggested below are collectable original artworks that I have hand-selected for my art galleries in Sydney and Terrigal – and the best part is they are amazingly affordable at around $500 or less each! Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator 

  • Available at all KAB Galleries and online

    Gift Voucher – $500

    AUD $500
    or 4 payments of $125 with