Summer Favourites

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  • By: Marielle
  • Thursday 24th January 2019

The sun is shining brightly in Terrigal as it welcomes all the holiday-makers to this glorious location! Inside the picturesque KAB Gallery positioned on the beaches edge, you can feel the the joy of summer bubbling off the gorgeous paintings currently on exhibition. Among those exhibited, we have some fresh new arrivals from some of KAB Gallery’s most wanted artists; Simon Buchan, Mellissa Read-Devine, & John Earle are exhibiting new works that are truly breath-taking. Whether your enjoying the heat of the Australian summer or the icy winter of the Northern hemisphere, these summer favorites are sure to bring a breath of fresh air into your interior. 


Simon Buchan
Oil on Canvas (64x125cm)


Simon Buchan’s newest arrivals ooze a sense of joy and happiness that is reminiscent of care-free days spent at the waters edge with friends and family. Icebergs is a stunning original painting by Buchan of the famous Bondi Icebergs. Like many of his works, Buchan has captured this iconic landmark from an unusual viewpoint. Within the foreground sun bakers and holiday makers are scattered across the grass, adding another layer of interest to this quintessential summer landscape.  Icebergs is more than just a painting, instead it acts as a window, letting us glimpse into a never-ending summers day. 


Mellissa Read-Devine
Acrylic on Canvas, 65x95cm


Carnaval is just one of the many gloriously colorful new arrivals to the gallery by Mellissa Read-Devine. This abstracted landscape is full of the bright and vivid colors of summer! Rich reds, contrasted with bright yellow and warm green culminates together to create an undeniable burst of life. The incredible colors in clear and considered color blocks creates a balanced composition. Mellissa’s most recent floral works create an indisputable presence in any space, radiating a sense of life and youthful spirit. Carnaval is a favourite among visitors to the gallery, it’s brilliant colors always bringing a smile to every face! 


John Earle
Summer Days – Mini Beach Vase
10cm H


John Earle is known for his incredible photo-realistic paintings, and as his new arrivals show his unrivaled skill in creating detailed landscapes isn’t limited to just the canvas. Instead, Earle has created a beautiful array of landscape paintings on handmade ceramics that vary in size from from mini to large. The smallest, Summer Days – Mini Beach Vase stands at only 10cm high but it’s size hasn’t limited the amount of detail contained on it’s surface! Beach goers can be seen sun baking and running into the breaking waves on this small one-of-a-kind vase. 

Buchan, Read-Devine & Earle have created some unmistakably spectacular artworks, we only wish we could show you the many other favorites we have in the gallery… So why not come to Terrigal Beach these holidays while the sun is shining, the water is warm and KAB Gallery is filled with so many new arrivals?!  We can’t wait to show the rest of our favorite artworks! 

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