Katie Wyatt: Contemporary Compositions of Colour and Pattern

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  • Monday 14th August 2017

Katie Wyatt is an Australian artist who works from her Adelaide studio, primarily within her favourite genres of landscape and still life. Originally a portrait artist, after travelling the country Katie became inspired to recreate her version of the Australian landscape. “The Australian landscape is so vast, you have to drive across it to really appreciate its beauty and energy” she says. “Travelling our country has really inspired me to depict its vast open spaces in an impressionist manner that allows me to bring the scene into close-cropped focus.” 

She absolutely loves oil paint – one look at her intricate palette knifed artworks proves just how much she loves it! Her wet on wet layers of oil paint would make a paint merchant swoon and demonstrate her dexterous handling of the medium. Her work within her chosen genres is constantly in a state of flux, however there is a unified use of colour and composition evident throughout her work. A selection of her most recent work is now showing at KAB Gallery for the Contempo at KAB Gallery exhibition (August 2017)

Previously Katie Wyatt painted in acrylic for its fast drying properties, however in late 2016 made a change to oil paint. She explained: “I was finding frustration with the acrylic not keeping its form and colours darkening on drying. Late last year I decided to switch back and I’m so happy I did. Oil holds its form and I’m able to achieve highly textured work wet-in-wet that I would not be able to achieve with acrylic.” Katie was no stranger to the oil medium as she initially worked with oils earlier in her career. Following a mishap where her very young daughter coated herself and their house with phthalo blue oil paint, the switch to acrylic seemed necessary at the time! The smell of turps around the house for days is still very vivid!

Katie Wyatt
Jade Valley
Oil on Canvas 60x60cm


Katie’s painting process involves firstly laying down slabs of colour in roughly the areas she wants them to appear in the completed work, simply as a means of delineating spaces. This super quick undetailed process provides Katie’s inspiration for the work, as it helps her to intuitively know how the piece will progress in terms of colour and form. From this rough “sketch”, she will then use palette knives of various sizes to build up layers and texture. Below is a special time lapse view of Katie’s full painting process, which I’m sure you will agree is quiet amazing to view.



Her use of repetition and pattern provide a rhythmic appeal which draws the viewer’s eye from one side of the canvas to the other. This is also reflected in the thoughtful titles of each work, reflecting the yearnings of a person who would love to wander and travel more without time, family or work constraints.

Her work is the interior designer’s go-to and must-have for colour, texture and contemporary composition. Wyatt’s work is sought after for her lavish handling of oil paint, and her harmonious palettes of both warm and cool tones presented within her beautiful compositions. Her paintings are interesting and the heavy textures create a dimensional focal point to any room.

Katie Wyatt is proudly represented by KAB Gallery and commissions are always welcome. All paintings are framed and ready to display in your space. 

KERRY-ANNE BLANKET, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

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