Sandra McArthur

Sandra McArthur is an Australian artist based on the east coast of NSW. Popular for her delicate palette and soft painterly finishes, Sandra’s exquisitely detailed paintings often refer to her exploration and photographic documentation of the coastal environment. Blurred impressionistic images of moments captured in time are a hallmark of Sandra’s work.

“I explore my landscape to express the notion of our world as an illusion. There is an awareness of the link between us and all things that is mirrored in the space between our breath in and out; in the blurred moments of consciousness.” A key exploration in Sandra’s work is the concept of time – can we ever be free of the past and the future, to live only in the moment? This desire for living in the present unencumbered by both past influences and projections of the future often drives the narrative of her work.

Major artistic influences include Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Gerhard Richter, Philip Wolfhagen, Alfred Steiglitz, Minor White, Duane Michals, Bill Henson and Bill Viola, while the literature of Hermann Hesse, Proust and Carl Gustav Jung often informs the themes of her work.

Visit KAB Gallery at Terrigal to see Sandra’s most beautiful and recent paintings. Commissions are also welcome – contact the KAB Gallery team on 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected].