Sam Suttie

A contemporary artist with a resolved style, Sam Suttie’s work is comprised of natural elements composed into still life arrangements created inside her imagination. These arrangements are then skillfully rendered with the use of reference material and, at times, three dimensional objects.

Key interests within her recent body of work are still life arrangements, flowers, birds, insects, tiles and patterns. Her composition is formed with a pastiche of multiple objects and references. Initial sketching for compositional shaping is an essential part of her process, followed by various studies to achieve the perfect combination of textures, colours and objects.

” The idea of a still life – freezing a moment in light and shadow – has always interested me. Creating these works allows my very busy and cloudy mind to rest. For this I am so truly grateful”

She has a keen interest in political, religious, climate and social topics and hopes to incorporate more of these elements into her work going forward. Born in South Africa, Sam moved to Australia several years ago. Her art has been welcomed into the Australian art market with a steady sales pattern emerging on the primary market.

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