Sam Leitch

A contemporary artist from New Zealand, Sam Leitch creates surreal artworks that are vibrant and symbolic. After earning his Bachelor of Visual Art at Auckland University of Technology, Sam sold out his very first exhibition in record time and has dedicated his life to being a fulltime professional artist ever since.

Drawing inspiration from the icons and ideas of everyday life along with his own life experiences, Sam places representations of these objects and experiences within surreal locations. “From bottles of wine to bulldogs, birds and people, I try to explore the world with optimism raising unanswerable questions that keep the viewer both satisfied and interested.” Seeing himself as a storyteller in the same way as an musician penning personal lyrics, Sam’s favourite subjects are people, everyday situations and the unknown. His juxtaposition of everyday objects with surrealism has been heavily influenced by artistic heros Pablo Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat. Marrying precise technical skill with unfiltered personal expression is what drew Sam to these artistic influences, so it’s no surprise this is also what drives his art practise.

Expertly prepared hand-made stretched canvases and quality timber frames are hallmark of his work, making his paintings perfect for any spaces within the home or corporate environment. Sam’s dedication and love of his work is evident in his painting schedule. He paints nearly every day in either his indoor or outdoor studio, working for multiple blocks of 2-3 hours each day.

With works held in the collections of some of New Zealand’s most well-known collectors, KAB Gallery are proud to exclusively introduce this original and exciting established overseas artist to the Australian market.

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