Petra Pinn

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and with a background in textile design, Petra Pinn’s works are highly influenced by light, colour, patterns and design. She aims to capture the energy and beauty of nature and other surroundings, whether in their rightful place outside or arranged into an intricate display indoors. Her subject matters range from tropical rainforests and gardens to storytelling interiors and still life. In all her works light plays a main role, it changes leaves into patterns or creates a soft mood in an interior. Acrylics and oils are her favourite mediums which are used to great effect in her larger paintings on canvas, while gouache paint is perfectly deployed for her smaller works on paper.

“For me art is all about feeling what you create, no matter if expressive or simply beautiful. I don’t plan ‘what I create’ too far ahead, rather work with whatever medium works well for me at the time and the subject matter I am drawn to at that moment. Sketching and creating daily I keep learning and my artworks keep changing.”

  • Petra Pinn

    Rendevous In the Jungle

    AUD $3,850
  • Petra Pinn

    Rendevous in Paradise

    AUD $1,950
    or 4 payments of $487.50 with
  • Petra Pinn

    Backyard Jungle

    AUD $2,800
  • Petra Pinn

    Morning in the Rainforest

    AUD $1,280
    or 4 payments of $320 with