Maz Dixon

Maz Dixon is an Australian contemporary artist working from her bright studio in Bondi. Her style is uniquely vivid and echos the light hearted pleasures and historical commentary of pop art. Working with imagery of the past sourced from vintage holiday brochures, photo folders and postcards her paintings are nostalgic. Maz Dixon creates art which explores the gap between a traveller’s expectations and the reality of a place. “Using the language of postcards and souvenirs, I’m going through a process of re-exploration, excavating and mapping the many layers of cultural detritus that bury the destination.” 

“For the last few years I’ve played around with vintage souvenir imagery. Postcards showing dolphin pools, Big Things, pale tourists getting burnt on the beach or exploring of the outback in slightly inappropriate skivvy ensembles are all grist for the mill.

I’m interested in how these images encourage the viewer to see a place primarily as a kind of playground. The environment, history and inhabitants of these places are depicted as being purely in service of that recreation. With my paintings I take such images apart and turn them on their head.”

Maz Dixon has exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW as a FINALIST in the Sir John Sulman Prize 2012 and again in 2014. She has also been a FINALIST in the Mosman Art Prize, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award (Contemporary Section), Waverley Art Prize and was 2017 WINNER of the Waverley Art Prize. Her art has sent her to Italy twice with two Artist in Residency postings as well as the Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship. Certainly an artist to watch!  

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    Maz Dixon

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