Kristine Ballard

Kristine Ballard is a vibrant Australian artist with a passion for painting. Her career began in graphic design and has since flourished as a professional visual artist and art educator. Her inspiring studio is positioned in Sydney’s creative precinct however her extensive international residencies have given her a broader foundation for her practice.

Kristine Ballard was welcomed to the Arts Students League of New York, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice and at Monsalvat, Australia’s oldest art colony and exhibited in New York, Venice, Fiji and Australia.

These inspiring and enriching experiences have driven her career further than she had ever planned and influenced her style to a much more abstract and fragmented perspective of the subjects she paints. Kristine refers to her unique style as Fragmatism, based on the concept that our perceptions are often created by both our reality and past experience. “Objects decompose and merge into one another, floating, dissolving and mutating into each other just like our memories” she explains. Throughout all her work Kristine aims to capture and reproduce the creative dialogue which comes from interactions with everyday objects. “It’s not what it looks like, but what it does to you, that counts”

Her compositions are driven by colour and the desire to translate the vibrancy of real life onto the canvas. The use of colour drives every artistic stroke on her canvas, allowing her to share the joy of her colour addiction with the viewer.