Carly Le Cerf

Carly’s studio, ‘Hill View’ is based at home on five acres of land in Mount Barker Western Australia, which has an outlook that extends to the Porongurup and Stirling ranges and South to Albany. Since moving to the region eleven years ago with her husband and twin girls, Carly has been developing her painting process towards the dynamic work she produces today. Living in a rural environment, Carly has become attuned to the seasons. The changing colours and patterns within the landscape are an endless source of inspiration.

When working on a landscape, Carly aims to create an image that reveals the essence of place, attempting to blur the fringes between real, remembered and imagined scenes. Her works are visual statements attesting to a deep connection to the land, depicting terrain that is quintessentially Australian. Her original Australian landscape paintings are unique in their creation.

Carly’ strives to evoke memory and emotion through intuitive layering and carving, evolving to become seductive and tactile works. Each piece, attempting to capture and honor the distinct textural attributes of our landscape.

Texture is a theme embedded in Carly’s practice, where she explores its dynamic potential in her selection of mediums. A lyricism inhabits the act of building up and carving back; a dance between control and unpredictability, revealing the sculptural quality of wax and oil. She is inspired by the way we sculpt our environment and replicates this in the making process. 

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