Alison Percy

Alison’s most recent body of work is a reflective journey using an intuitive technique of mark making, fluid lines and colour. Her delicate artworks are formed using layers of ink, soft pastel, acrylic and watercolour onto luxury Italian linen. Each artwork is often made up of 7-10 layers, bringing to life delicate representations of the landscape. 

Alison works both in the studio and en plein air (on location in the outdoors) and is constantly striving to push her technique to the next level. Alison sees every artwork she creates as an opportunity to experiment and test new methods, materials, strokes and ideas. The result is a beautiful and interesting body of work consisting of unique and captivating art. 

Alison completed an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts over 30 years ago and spent many years working within design. Her career has continued to inspire her eye for detail and develop her ability to push the boundaries of the brief. 

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